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A cute and inexpensive Valentine's Day project for children to make!

Are you looking for a cute Valentine's Day project for a child to make this weekend? If you are, here is a cute that is easy and fun for a child to make. It teaches your child to be creative and also teaches her to honor special loved ones in her life.


You can improvise and add your own ideas for the project too. The main goal is to make it fun for the child and he or she will feel good knowing they are making a gift for someone very special to them.

Take a Trip to your local dollar store and pick up a few Valentine's Day supplies. We found these cute heart boxes and picked up some crinkle filler to go inside. You can also get other cute memorabilia if you'd like.  My granddaughter chose chocolates and lollipops to go inside. When you get home the fun begins! If your dollar store doesn't have heart shaped boxes, they will have other attractive small boxes that will be wonderful too!

Trin Valentine 1_edited.jpg

So very cute!

Trin valentine 7.jpg
Add some crinkle filler
Trin valentine 8.jpg
Have your child write a personalized note.
Trin 3.jpg
And some chocolates
Trin valentine 9.jpg
Three chocolates are better than one lol!
Trinity valentine 6.jpg
trin 4.jpg
And arrange everything in the box.
She or he will be so proud of their accomplishment!

This gift will be cherished!

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