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Welcome to the new Creativelycc Website! It is still under construction so check back frequently for updates!

Celebrate Black History Month

Portrait of beautiful African-American woman and text BLACK HISTORY MONTH on dark backgrou

Celebrate the accomplishments African Americans have made in this country and celebrate black history this month by learning about a woman who accomplished against all odds and made this world a better place! Learn about Elizabeth Freeman who is in the spotlight.

Welcome to Creativelycc

Creativelycc is a site that celebrates creativity and was started in 2008 as a small sewing business in my home where I did alterations and small sewing projects. A few years later I started making natural bath and body products which is under the name Soapinapouch and then I started to make soy candles which is under the name Sohappysoycandles.  Creating is a passion of mine which I plan to keep alive in my life for a very long time. Creating lifts your spirit, lifts your energy and makes the world a better place. I hope this website inspires you in some way to begin your own creative journey.

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